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It's time for a better period.

Introducing Moon Drops

Imagine this: no more curling up in agony, missing out on the fun. It's time for you to shine during your time of the month. Finally, you can thrive and conquer the world, without those painful cramps holding you back.

Welcome to the world of Moon Drops, where we get you and we've got your back. Our mission? To provide you with a better solution for those annoying period symptoms. No more second-guessing or settling for mediocre remedies. We're here to give you real results and let you enjoy life to the fullest, even during "that time."


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Get your All Natural Solution for Period Comfort.

Discover Our Journey

From Personal Struggle to Natural Solution.

Dive into the heartwarming story behind Moon Drops, born from a mother's quest to ease her daughter's menstrual pains without resorting to synthetic options. Rooted in herbal wisdom and a desire for a healthier alternative, we've crafted a line of magical tinctures and capsules designed to offer relief and comfort to all who face the challenges of menstruation, from adolescence through perimenopause. Ready to explore the enchanting remedy that's changing lives? Visit our 'About' page to uncover the full story behind our mission.


Discover what others are saying about Moon Drops


It definitely helped with cramps, I always take ibuprofen during the first two days of my period and it isn’t always 100% effective but with the tinctures the cramps faded away, also it helped with brain fog that I get during my period. 


I tried it for pms before my period started and I could feel the effect. During my period, I noticed it most helpful when I had difficulty sleeping because of cramping and it would take the edge off.


It was crazy how immediate the relief was! Spreading the word like wild fire! Hands down not turning back!
I took two doses and the cramps were gone.

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