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Our Story

A Journey Rooted in Love and Herbal Wisdom

When my daughter started her period, it wasn't easy. She struggled with the same awful cramps that I knew all too well from my own tween years. When I was her age, I took over the counter pain killers all day long, and they didn't even help. I missed school, dance practice, and social events. As a last resort, my parents eventually put me on birth control pills at age 13. Even though it's almost 40 years later, there are no new advancements in treating period pain! My gynecologist still recommends ibuprofen or hormonal birth control.  As a wellbeing practitioner and a mom, I don't like either of those options.  I was out to find a better answer.

​Lucky for us, an herbalist friend gave me some hope. She suggested some powerful herbs that might help. Intrigued, I delved deep into the world of herbal medicine. I researched, experimented, sought guidance from experts, and poured my heart and soul into finding a better solution. Months later, we found the perfect combination of herbs to create a tincture like no other, providing both my 12-year-old daughter and myself with much-needed relief during our most painful moments.

We shared with it with friends first, and then finally decided it was time to launch this period cramp remedy into the world.  Whether you're navigating your teen years, making your way through perimenopause, or anywhere in between, this magical combination of herbs will bring you relief.  Are you ready for a better period?  Let's do this!

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